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Welcome to CuesForWindows, a software solution designed to simplify audio playback for theatre students, rehearsals, and fringe performances. We understand the unique challenges of managing audio cues in a theatre setting and the important role they play in sound design. That's why CuesForWindows is here to make that process as straightforward as possible.

With an intuitive interface and robust functionality, CuesForWindows is the perfect tool for anyone who needs reliable and easy-to-use audio playback software. Whether you're a theatre student learning the ropes of sound design, a teacher leading a rehearsal, or a professional managing a fringe performance, our software will meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Purchase Options

Educational Version

If you're a student, you can request a free license by entering your .edu email below. This version includes all the core functionality of CuesForWindows, but includes a reminder pop-up every 90 minutes. We believe in supporting the next generation of theatre performers and sound technicians, and we're delighted to provide this software to you at no cost.

Full Version ($15)

For a small fee, you can access the full functionality of CuesForWindows without any interruptions. This version provides an enhanced audio playback experience for your theatre sound design, free of any pop-ups. To purchase, click here.